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Our school/work schedules finally coincided and we were able to go get a tree! We went on down to Alaska Mill and Feed and when the guy asked us what kind of tree we wanted Kirsten says "I want a fat one!". The guy immediately brought us back a nice little plump example of tree and we then determined that it was ours to keep. In and out in 10 minutes. not bad.

Our little tree's birth certificate. Keep away from heat? Oops. Yeah, we ended up moving it across the living room later. (After the ornaments were on). Ah, good times.

I'm be finding pine needles for the next 5 years...

Yes! We're almost there! My job was to put the hooks on the ornaments, while Kirsten put them on the tree. I think that was probably the best idea.

FINISHED! Our very first LIVE tree. Of course, thats not where it's placed right now, but all the same. Good times. Thirsty little guy though...

The night wasn't without it's casualties though. Poor little guys. Wrong place, wrong time.

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Why hello there. I suppose this is our first post on this here little blog. Well, our first real post. So, let's see how well I do on this thing.

Thanksgiving was so awesome. Kirsten baked one fabulous meal, that included lots of food. Plus, everyone brought a ton of food too. YES! I'd go into details, but I can't really remember all of it. To top it off, I kind of forgot to take any pictures for the most part. Err.. oops. Oh well, I'll get the hang of it eventually.

Anyways, this was the first year that the Berg family had Thanksgiving dinner at somewhere other than my mom's house! It turned out great and I think all in all we had 13 something people.

I'd post more pictures, But I'm kind of scared I'll screw everything up. Besides, I only have like 2 more anyways.

I don't really like pickles as much as this picture may let on...

Haha, I butchered this format. Better luck next time...
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I have spent the majority of my life with the knowledge that the Earth is flat. I was happy with my assumption, and nothing in my day to day dealings ever threatened this belief. However happy I thought that I was came to an abrupt halt one day when i found solid evidence that the world was, in fact, round. I know. Some of you are thinking, "This guy is nuts, round? Really, Jesse?" Well, unfortunately I am here to tell you that yes, the world is round. It isn't like I went out in search of the makeups of the world. I never doubted that the world was flat. Why would I? it doesn't affect me. It's not like I go out and search for things I assume are true. I have better ways to spend my time, like decorating my Christmas Tree with peanut butter. That, however, is a story for another day. Actually it's a lie. Anyways. The world. Round. It blew my mind. In the end, however, I had to accept it. How did I accept it so easily? How do I know that the world is round? Why am I telling you, my knowledgable readers, to change your beliefs in what you know of the world? Simple.

I read it on the internet.
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